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Easy Asian Food Recipes

Welcome to the 107 Taste Restaurant’s Easy Asian Food Recipes, a culinary journey crafted by the skilled hands of Chef Yu Bi. With an unwavering passion for food, Chef Yu Bi specializes in crafting unforgettable gastronomic experiences. In our recipe section, we proudly unveil the secrets of our restaurant’s kitchen, sharing the recipes for all our signature dishes, accompanied by comprehensive video tutorials guiding you through each step.

What sets our recipes apart is their deep-rooted connection to tradition. Inspired by Chef Yu Bi’s beloved grandmother, these dishes are a testament to the art of fusing time-honored Asian flavors and culinary techniques. The result? An explosion of unbeatable flavors that have been lovingly transported from their Asian origins to the vibrant setting of South Florida.

Every recipe we share is a reflection of our commitment to offering diners an authentic homemade Asian experience. So, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a cooking enthusiast, join us on this flavorful journey. Let’s bring the essence of 107 Taste Restaurant into your own kitchen, one delectable recipe at a time.

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